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Wilderness Spa
By Jim Halverson
Gail Force Publishing, $null, 212 pages, Format: eBook
Star Rating: / 5

Wilderness Spa explores the story of trekkers stranded in Alaska and their struggle for survival with a competent leader.

Tom, a twenty-two-year-old, multi-faceted, strong man raised in the wilderness loses his parents to a catastrophe bereaving everything that
their family owned. Henceforth, he decides to leave the arctic for Fort Yukon to run away from the memories of his past and begin a fresh
chapter. From a young age, he has accumulated talents, skills, and attitudes from his nuclear family and has developed several on his own
through the expansion of knowledge via intellectual pursuits. Once he grew considerably educated, he was given the ultimate freedom to make
his own decisions and travel the world upon self-reliance unaware his parents would no longer exist to see him lead a life of pride. All
their wishes would not come to fruition.

In the next chapter, strangers on a special arctic adventure encounter unforeseen problems as the glacier crumbled, taking along their
expedition guides and burying them alive. Campers had no clue whether to continue their trip or to give up. Will Tom's sudden arrival
change their mind to make a plan?

In the third chapter, an independent Bush-plane owner is swallowed by the river. Eric and Connor are the hunters who had hired him for the
trip without informing their family and friends first as a surprise to show their discoveries. Little did they know, this trip might be
their last...

A venture thought to be fun proved the seriousness of the delicate situation. The trekkers learn their lives are in jeopardy. The
responsibilities assigned to each appointee prove to be daunting and survival is going to be critical, not easy like they had imagined
prior to their journey.

This nerve-chilling read is about the adventures of daring trekkers, the troubles they face, the uncertainties that seem to follow them,
and the various hazards that put them in very unpleasant situations. Will all of them exit the wilderness unscathed?

I was inquisitive to find out what was going to happen next in the life of the trekkers. I liked getting to know them on a personal level
and learning their motivations for coming to the camp. This kept me alert and glued to the book. What we also learn are their unshakeable
beliefs on life, education, relationships, and religion which are altered in a positive way after they learn to understand their fellow
campers in great depth. Finally, the ones who rise above psychological challenges, physical weaknesses, and foolish choices make it alive.

The book is top-notch, well-crafted, and absolute. Each chapter is brilliantly organized and written with a precision of an expert writer.
On the whole, Wilderness Spa is a speckless, inspirational, unputdownable, larger-than-life story.

Reviewed by Infantina Thanga Nivetha
1 star: Reviewer wouldn’t recommend this book at all.
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